Rhett Withey | Visual Designer | Orlando, FL

Holy Cow Traffic Box


Milk District Traffic Box "The Holy Cow"

A Public artwork

A call to artists was put out to submit designs for the traffic boxes around the Milk District neighborhood of Orlando, FL. "The Holy Cow" will be found at the intersection of Anderson and Primrose.



The Milk District is a neighborhood just outside Downtown Orlando and very near to where I grew up. The inspiration was to create something fun that was bright, colorful, and make people stop and say “Holy cow!”


Stickers were also created to help spread the gospel of the Holy Cow. Maybe you’ll spot one around town placed distinctly by one of the apostles of the cattle. Hallelujah!


“This was such a fun project to work on and has really meant a lot to me to be able to display some humor on a busy road. Hopefully it can brighten someone’s day while they’re sitting at the light.” - Rhett