Rhett Withey | Visual Designer | Orlando, FL

Askedoo App



A Mobile app

Search engines providing answers from a closed forum seven years ago? Can't quite explain the noise your car is making? Askedoo uses the latest in live-streaming technology to allow users to get instant one-on-one answers for all their questions. Don't have a question at the moment? Go ahead and start a broadcast to share your own skills with the world.

Developed at BIGEYE


Askedoo was created and built before live-streaming video became a thing. Periscope had just been released and Facebook Live, Instagram stories, and others were still a year or so away. Therefore building and designing the app was challenge because some of the ideas we were designing and implementing just couldn’t be physically done at the time and we were trailblazing our way through a live-streaming Wild West.

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Share Your Skills – Step 1.png
MOCKUP – 1.png
MOCKUP – High Five.png
Q&A Broadcast Stats – Example.png

This was the first app I ever designed and it was definitely a trial by fire but it was worth it. The exercise of thinking critically about the UI for a platform that hadn’t really been established yet was a great experience. - Rhett